MLS Odds


Deep Into MLS Betting Odds

Soccer betting is a global craze, and Major League Soccer (MLS) offers a unique and extended betting window each year. Running from late February through to the playoffs in December, MLS provides nearly nine months of betting opportunities.

MLS: A Hub for Weekend and Weekday Action

MLS fixtures are a staple for bettors, with regular-season games dominating weekends and several matches often scheduled during the weekdays. The frequency of games, sometimes even twice a week for soccer teams, opens up a myriad of betting possibilities.

Navigating MLS Betting

Betting on MLS requires a nuanced approach. Unlike many sports, MLS games have a significant chance of ending in a draw, which adds a layer of complexity to betting. Understanding MLS betting odds is crucial for success in this league.

How To Interpret MLS Odds

Soccer odds, including MLS odds, often differ from other sports. It’s common to find both teams with plus moneyline odds due to the possibility of a draw. In playoff eliminations, which may involve extra time or penalties, bets typically conclude after regular time unless stated otherwise.

MLS Betting Scenarios

In MLS betting, there’s an option called ‘Draw No Bet,’ removing the draw outcome. If the match ends in a draw, this bet is voided, and the stakes are returned. Odds for this bet type differ from standard moneyline odds.

Bettors can also wager on total goals, similar to over/under bets in other sports. For example, in a match between LA Galaxy and New York City FC, the betting lines might be:

Major League Soccer Example

Team Line
LAGLA Galaxy +120
NYCNew York City FC +250
Draw No Bet: LA Galaxy -105, New York City FC +190
Total Goals: 2.5 Over -115, Under +105

Player Bets and Specials

In addition to team betting, individual player bets and various prop bets are available. Sportsbooks often extend the betting experience with parlays and specials on MLS playoff odds and regular season matches.

MLS Odds – FAQs

1. How often are MLS odds updated on Godds?

MLS odds on Godds are updated regularly to reflect the latest team news, player injuries, and betting trends. This ensures bettors have the most current information for each game.

2. Can I find different types of bets for MLS games on Godds?

Yes, at Godds you can find a variety of betting options for MLS games, including moneyline bets, over/under (totals) bets, point spreads, and even prop bets, providing a diverse betting experience.

3. How can I interpret MLS odds to make informed betting decisions?

Understanding MLS odds involves knowing that positive odds indicate underdogs, while negative odds point to favorites. Analyzing team performance, player statistics, and historical data can also help in making more informed decisions.

4. Are there any special betting options for MLS playoffs on Godds?

During the MLS playoffs, Godds offers special betting options that include MLS playoff odds, futures, and live betting during matches, providing unique opportunities to bet on high-stakes games.