Oct 17, 2023, 2:12 pm ET in MLB
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ALCS Rangers Lead, NLCS Phillies Shine

MLB postseason odds are starting to heat up on the way to the exciting ending. The Texas Rangers are making their mark in the ALCS, leading the charge with a 2-0 against the Astros. After a heroic shutout in Game 1, Rangers kept the flame alive in Game 2, clinching a nail-biting 5-4 win.

Right from the get-go, they threw their Ranger schedule into action, rushing to a 4-0 lead in the very first inning. Nathan Eovaldi displayed nerves of steel, evading a bases-loaded, no-out predicament in the fifth inning without surrendering a single run. The Astros, rallied by Yordan Álvarez’s two homers, tried to narrow the margin to 5-4 in the eighth. The Rangers were unyielding, determined not to let the Astros steal their thunder.

As the series moves to Arlington, the Rangers have a perfect path through the postseason. “The Lone Stars” are achieving team stats that will shine in the record books if they keep up this rhythm.

They’re just two victories away from wrapping up their ticket to the World Series, with three chances to do so on their home turf.

Phillies Are Also on Top

Meanwhile, on the other side of MLB postseason odds, the Phillies sparkled in the NLCS Game 1 against the Diamondbacks. Kyle Schwarber and Bryce Harper lit up the sky with home runs in the very first inning. Then, followed by Nick Castellanos’ explosive shot in the second, giving the Phillies a cozy 3-0 lead.

Zack Wheeler was untouchable, striking out batters left and right, with a total of eight strikeouts in six innings, a fine game for his player stats. The Phillies soared to a 5-3 victory, leaving the Diamondbacks hustling to catch up in the late innings.

The Phillies have been unbeatable at their home stadium, Citizens Bank Park, this postseason, with a flawless 5-0 record. They’re all set to defend their home turf in Game 2. As for Arizona, they’ve got their work cut out, aiming to level the series in what’s sure to be another epic MLB matchup.

The Phillies locked down Game 1 with an electrifying 5-3 win, closing it out with a game-ending double play. And now, as we gear up for Game 2, all eyes are on Aaron Nola and Merrill Kelly, ready to ignite the next chapter in this thrilling NLCS battle.

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