Oct 13, 2023, 5:52 pm ET in MLB
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Bryce Harper Ruffles Braves’ Feathers with Double Dingers

Bryce Harper has gotten the Braves out of sorts this postseason, and it’s not just because he’s hitting those home runs like there’s no tomorrow. In a game to remember, Bryce Harper and Phillies cruised to a resounding 10-2 win over the Braves in their NLDS matchup at Citizens Bank Park. Harper, who hit not one, but two home runs, was undoubtedly the star of the team.

The first, a three-run blast in the third inning, stunned the Braves. Then, just to add salt to the wound, he launched another in the fifth. But that wasn’t the only news from the game.

Throat-Slash Saga: Harper Adds Fuel to the Fire

Harper wasn’t just content with sending those balls into orbit; he wanted to add a little sizzle to the steak. After each of his colossal home runs, he locked eyes with Orlando Arcia, the Braves’ chirpy infielder who had a bit of banter about Harper’s base-running in Game 2. But that’s not where it ends! The plot thickens as Harper, in a move that’s more drama than sports, gave his dugout a throat-slash gesture, not once, but twice, as he sauntered over the home plate.

Braves’ Broadcaster Backlash: Announcer Not Impressed

You’d think the throat-slash would pass unnoticed, but Braves radio announcer Joe Simpson, along with Ben Ingram, wasn’t having it. Simpson, in particular, wasn’t a fan of the dramatic move, saying, “Again gave the throat-slashing sign, which given today’s climate around the world, I’m not sure that’s quite what anybody wants to see.” Now, that’s not just harmless chirping; it’s got some weight to it.

Bryce Harper Phillies’ star was the focus of the game. This controversial and unexpected gesture would have been out of any bet prior to the game!

Double Standards: Braves’ Throat-Slash History

What’s intriguing is that while some may see Harper’s gesture as soft, it’s worth noting that the NFL put the kibosh on the throat slash back in 1999. Also, it’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black as the Braves themselves did a similar gesture during the 2019 postseason. So, the saga continues in this wild world of baseball drama.

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