Nov 6, 2023, 4:07 pm ET in MLB
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Craig Counsell Switches Teams, Joins the Chicago Cubs

Craig Counsell Trade Update: A Curveball Decision

Don´t miss the latest Craig Counsell trade update! The Milwaukee Brewers’ skipper has delivered quite the plot twist in his baseball career.

Counsell is packing his bags and heading over to the Chicago Cubs. An MLB news revelation first uncovered by Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

He’s stepping into the shoes of David Ross, who was still calling the shots for the Cubs and seemed to have a secure spot in the dugout.

This switcheroo is like a fastball right down the middle, taking everyone by surprise. Counsell has made a home run decision by joining an organization that has the financial muscle to compete in ways the Brewers simply can’t. Plus, he doesn’t have to pull up roots and drag his family across the country.

On the other side of the diamond, the Cubs hadn’t given any signals that they were on the hunt for a new skipper or considering giving Ross the pink slip. The frustration of the Cubs missing the playoffs after a late-season collapse might have rooted this shake-up. Ross also found himself in hot water during that rocky stretch. It’s possible that the Cubs simply saw Counsell as a grand slam replacement for Ross and didn’t want to miss the boat.

A Remarkable Coaching Stint and a Fresh Start

Counsell had been at the helm of the Brewers since 2015 MLB season. With an impressive record of 707 wins against 625 losses and securing five playoff appearances.

He was celebrated for his ability to clinch victories despite a modest budget. He was on the radar for nearly every managerial vacancy, especially with his contract expiring this offseason.

This is a new chapter for Counsell, and the Cubs have thrown him the ultimate curveball. Let’s see if he can lead the Cubs to a championship on the next MLB postseason -who knows, even aim for the World Series– or if it’s just another inning in the ever-exciting game of baseball’s managerial merry-go-round.

Surely, we could call the Craig Counsell trade update the first major move in the MLB player market.

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