Sep 27, 2022, 12:00 pm ET in MLB
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Expert Top Pick of the Day: Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals

Top Pick of the Day

With another straight win, the Atlanta Braves are now closer to the top seed division spot than they have ever been. Atlanta is still second overall in the NL East division. That has set the Braves with a 96-58 record and a ticket to the postseason stage.

Still, that has put them closer to the New York Mets and, therefore, has also given them a chance to make the most of their upcoming games. The Braves are now ready to head over to Nationals Park and face the Washington Nationals yet again this Tuesday afternoon.

As for the Nationals, the story is quite distinct. Washington is still at the very bottom of the NL East Division. The Nationals are now marching with a 53-100 record and still looking for a way to climb out.

However, that looks far from doable at this stage, and Washington is simply attempting to finish off the 2022 regular season in the strongest manner possible.


Braves vs. Nationals Schedule


  • Date: September 27, 2022
  • Time: 05:05 PM CST
  • Location: Nationals Park, Washington, DC


Riley’s Braves After Mets and Top Division Spot

The Braves are closer than they have ever been to reaching the top of the division standings. That has set Atlanta with just a win below the Mets and the perfect chance to take over New York after weeks now.

The Braves are also now marching with three straight wins. Two of them were against the Philadelphia Phillies and one of them against their current rival, the Nationals.

The Braves now have the perfect chance to power through the next games and take over the lead division spot. Top players such as Austin Riley, who is now leading the team with 37 home runs, have become vital in this late pursuit.


Thomas’ Nationals on their Last Stage of the Journey

The Nationals are still at the bottom of the NL East Division and have not yet moved, nor would there be enough time at this stage for that to happen.

They never had the thrust and the manpower to push through some of the complex stages of the season. Now, the Nats must pursue any possibility or chance to finish off the season strong.

For Washington, Lane Thomas has become a vital piece in the offensive line. He now leads the team with a .248 batting average and 17 home runs.


Braves vs. Nationals Odds Comparison

The Braves are all set to make the most of an ideal chance to get to the top of the division standings. For Atlanta, the total has gone under in 10 of their last 14 games. As for Washington, the total has gone under in seven of their last eight games.


  • DraftKings has Atlanta at -215, and the game total is 8.5.
  • FanDuel has Atlanta at -220, and the game total is 8.5.
  • Caesars has Atlanta at -220, and the game total is 8.5.


Godds Pick or Prediction of the Game

The Braves seem ready to take over the lead spot in the NL East. They still have a chance to overcome the Nationals yet again tonight.

As of now, the Braves are third overall in the league with 754 runs and second with a .443 slugging percentage. That has put Atlanta at the very top of their game and still attempting to make the most of their last chances to climb to the top of the league.

As for Washington, there is not much to look forward to but to finish off as strong as they can to make it to the top of the league standings.

Godds Pick/Prediction: The Braves to win and the under hits.