Jul 18, 2023, 6:38 pm ET in MLB
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MLB Roller Second-Half Coaster Ride Picks Up Speed With These MLB Early Predictions

Dust your cap, for the second phase of the Major League Baseball MLB season is upon us. As our MLB early predictions suggest, it’s about to become a roller coaster, with a mind-boggling 19 out of 30 teams just a stone’s throw away from a playoff spot.

Trades? Not going to be easy! The heightened competition and expanded MLB playoffs could turn the tables for any team in no time. A golden run is all it takes to change a slump into a potential triumph. And with the MLB season so packed, we’re likely not to see the dust settle until October rolls in!

MLB Early Predictions: Pivotal Players

The Blue Jays’ Bo Bichette is optimistic about the MLB standing of the team, despite some tough competition. They’re neck and neck with the Houston Astros for the baseball wild card spots in the American League, and the Tampa Bay Rays aren’t too far ahead. “We’re still in the game, we’re fighting, and the division title isn’t out of reach yet,” he says.

As the battle for the MLB playoff spots heats up, we’re watching a handful of pivotal baseball players who could steer the course of this race. Nestor Cortes, the Yankees’ starter, had a shaky season start with a 5.16 ERA in 11 games before being sidelined with a shoulder injury.

On the MLB injury report side, Rodon, the big-ticket signing of the Yankees, had his own share of injuries and has had a limited play. However, his recent appearance, striking out two in just over 5 innings, raises the hope for the Yankees.

But the Yankees don’t need him to be just the dominant pitcher they signed him for. Consistency and health will be the key for him to propel the Yankees forward. The MLB team has a lot at stake: they’re within reach of a wild card spot, eight games away from the Rays, and are just ahead of Boston.

The return of Aaron Judge could be a game-changer, but until his status is confirmed, the weight falls on the pitching staff.

Stay tuned with Godds as the MLB season continues to unfold and we continue to refine our MLB early predictions. Each play, each hit, each pitch… As the pressure mounts, it’s time for the players to step up and show their worth! Get ready for a crazy second half!

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