Jul 7, 2023, 6:36 pm ET in MLB
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Throwing Blunder Lets Marlins Pull Off Wild Last-Minute Victory

Last night, the Miami Marlins proved that anything can happen in an MLB matchup. The Marlins were gifted a thrilling 10-9 walk-off win over the St. Louis Cardinals thanks to a disastrous throwing error. What could’ve been a let-down was a showdown with Miami Marlins last score!

How It Went Down

In the ninth inning, trailing by one point, things looked pretty grim for the Marlins. With one man down and runners on first and second, Joey Wendle, the Marlins’ shortstop, knocked a ball back to Cardinals’ pitcher Jordan Hicks.

A simple toss to first baseman Paul Goldschmidt should have put the Cardinals one step closer to victory, but fate had other plans for the Miami Marlins last score.

Hicks’ throw sailed over Goldschmidt’s head and the ball ended up in the foul area. Both Garrett Hampson and Yuli Gurriel saw their chance and sprinted like mad around the diamond to bring in the tie and winning runs.

Wendle said afterward, “You don’t expect to win one like that, but we fight hard and keep going. It’s fun, you know?”

The Cardinals’ Misery Continues

The St. Louis Cardinals continue their dismal MLB season, sitting uncomfortably at the bottom of the NL Central standings. Their stay in Miami has been anything but pleasant. After a whopping 15-2 defeat on July 4th, this latest blunder is another low point in an already unfortunate baseball season.

In Wednesday night’s baseball game, they bravely fought from a five-run deficit to even up the MLB score in the third inning, but Miami took back the lead, reaching an 8-6 position in the bottom of the sixth. Despite efforts to trim the lead, and even taking a one-point lead in the top of the ninth, the Cardinals couldn’t hold off the persistent Marlins. Or their pesky Miami Marlins last score.

The Marlins, who currently hold the National League’s second-best MLB record, are aiming to clean-sweep the Cardinals in their four-game series. It’s been a wild ride, and baseball fans are on the edge of their seats.

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