Nov 2, 2023, 1:50 pm ET in NBA
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76ers President Unravels James Harden Trade Update Drama

The Deal is Done

In a candid chat on Wednesday, Philadelphia 76ers’ President of Basketball Operations, Daryl Morey, spilled the beans on what he believes was an ‘inevitable’ part of the James Harden trade update. A major revelation in the NBA news environment.

This week, the Sixers and the Los Angeles Clippers finally sealed the deal, shipping off the former MVP guard, along with forward P.J. Tucker and center Filip Petrusev, to the Wild West. James Harden trade update marked the end of a rollercoaster ride that kicked off back in the summer when Harden first asked for a trade and famously threw shade at Morey, calling him a ‘fibber.’

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Hope Up in Smoke

Any glimmer of hope for a patch-up between the team and the 10-time All-Star pretty much vanished in late October. Eager to rejoin the squad, Harden tried to board the team plane, but security stopped him, according to some reports. This twist came after Harden’s sudden return to the 76ers following a 10-day break he took to deal with some personal stuff, which the team had given him the green light for.

Harden’s airport rejection seemed to be a frustrating roadblock for the 34-year-old, but at least it ended without further fireworks.

The MIA Episode

Before his eye-catching comeback, Harden had been missing in action on NBA matchups. He was off the radar, dealing with a personal matter, and it was all above board.

Despite the sour note of Harden’s Philly farewell, his backcourt buddy, Tyrese Maxey, disclosed on Tuesday that they had a heartwarming text chat. Seems like there might be some sunshine after the storm.

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