Nov 16, 2023, 4:48 pm ET in NBA
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Game Over for Fraud Scheme – Ex-NBA Players Davis and Bynum Convicted in Court

Davis and Bynum Found Guilty in NBA Health Care Fraud

In a twist that’s more dramatic than a buzzer-beater, former NBA players Will Bynum and Glen Davis are facing serious trouble. They’ve been found guilty in a major scheme to trick the NBA health care plan, a case that’s now a landmark in NBA health care fraud history. They attempted to score a basket but ultimately shot and missed completely.

Certainly news that no one had foreseen among the NBA schedules.

A Costly Game of Pretend – The $5 Million NBA Health Care Fraud

These ex-hoops stars were part of a group that played a different kind of offense. Apparently, they try to grab a whopping $5 million by submitting fake medical claims in what’s now known as the NBA health care. They tried a fancy dribble but ended up tripping over their own feet. Now, a much tighter net than basketball’s has caught them..

Possible Jail Time

Bynum and Davis, along with other former players involved in the NBA health care fraud, are now in a real pickle. Health care fraud and wire fraud could land them in prison for a long time, with potential sentences of up to 10 years and 20 years, respectively. It’s like they’ve fouled out of the game, but this time the consequences are way bigger than free throws.

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Not the First to Fall

They’re not alone in this game of hard knocks. The court has already sentenced Terrence Williams, the apparent team captain of this scam, to a 10-year prison term. A few others have also received their share of penalties. It’s a reminder that even in the world of sports, playing by the rules is key.

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