Jul 11, 2023, 5:29 pm ET in NBA
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Victor Wembanyama Breaks Off From Summer League

Las Vegas has been buzzing with the news that Victor Wembanyama, the superstar of the San Antonio Spurs, is reportedly taking a break from the NBA Summer League after only 2 games.The Victor Wembanyama season is not in summer anymore!

With the title of 2023’s top NBA draft pick, Wembanyama made a dazzling debut in his Spurs jersey, even if he confessed to feeling a bit out of place on the court. Despite his first-game nerves, he racked up nine points, making a good impression on fans and experts alike.

Turning the Game Around

Any doubts about the French teenager’s potential were shattered in his second NBA game. He brought the house down with an impressive 27 points and 12 rebounds! However, his amazing performance wasn’t enough to clinch a victory, and the Spurs took an 85-80 loss against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The young NBA player’s robust performance wasn’t surprising for those who’ve been following his career. Wembanyama showed similar prowess during France’s LNB Pro A Finals, steadily improving with each game.

Hit the Break!

Despite initial plans to head to Indonesia to represent France in the FIBA World Cup, Wembanyama has chosen to prioritize rest. He assured fans of his commitment to the French team, stating that taking a break now would only bolster his future performances.

Coming from a tough NBA schedule of 48 games in France, the decision to rest seems to be a wise one. With the NBA’s grueling 82-game regular season ahead, this break will help Wembanyama prepare and return in full form.

Turning Heads Off Court

In the lead-up to the NBA draft in New York, the French phenom grabbed eyeballs for more than just his basketball prowess. He even threw the ceremonial first pitch at a Yankees game!

But it’s not all been smooth sailing. Wembanyama found himself in the midst of controversy after an unfortunate incident with pop star Britney Spears. However, video evidence clarified that Wembanyama’s security had not struck Spears, as initially reported, but that she had inadvertently struck herself. Enough scares, already, and it’s not even Victor Wembanyama season!

In light of the incident, Wembanyama has decided to maintain a low media profile for the rest of the off-season, choosing to focus on his preparations for the upcoming season and to fuel his performance in the upcoming NBA regular season.

As the regular Victor Wembanyama season gears up for his debut, stay in the know with Godds!

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