Nov 8, 2023, 4:19 pm ET in NCAAF
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College Football Playoff Shake-Up: More Teams, More Drama!

The Big Huddle in Chicago

Big news for College Football fans! The game’s head honchos are huddling up in Chicago this Thursday, and they’ve got a game plan that could change everything. Next year’s College Football playoff games will look a lot like this NCAAF season. But now, with rankings revealed in a glitzy TV show. But that’s where the similarities end.

We’re talking a fresh face in charge, more teams on the field, a bigger slice of the pie for everyone, and a brand-new TV deal.

New Captain, New Crew

First up, Bill Hancock is passing the ball after a legendary run leading the CFP, and the search for a new chief is in the final quarter. They’ve scouted the field and are about to draft a winner to lead the team. On the roster change, the playoff lineup is getting a major league expansion, from four to a whopping 12 teams. That means more thrills, more spills, and more chances for your favorite squad to take the crown.

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Divvying Up the Dough

But it’s not just about the NCAAF team stats; it’s about the cash, too. The CFP is talking about a new way to share the wealth that’s fairer and fits better with how the conferences are now. Think of it as making sure every team gets a piece of the pie that suits their size. And speaking of money, they’re in the red zone for a TV deal that’ll score at least a billion dollars a year. That’s a lot of zeroes!

The Big Broadcast Battle

The last play of the game is all about who gets to show the world these epic NCAAF matchups. ESPN’s been the quarterback for this, but now other networks are looking to get in the game. We’ve got FOX, NBC, and even Amazon warming up on the sidelines. The CFP’s got their pick of the litter, and they’re weighing up who’ll take them to the end zone with the best deal.

College Football playoff games, as we know them, are about to get a whole makeover!

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