Nov 28, 2023, 3:55 pm ET in NCAAF
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Colorado Shake-Up: QB Recruits Change Their Minds

Recruitment Rollercoaster at Colorado

It’s been a whirlwind at Colorado, especially in the realm of Colorado football transfers, with three-star quarterback Danny O’Neil as the latest recruit to change his mind. Hot on the heels of another quarterback’s exit, O’Neil took to social media to announce his decision, leaving coach Deion Sanders’ team in a bit of a pickle amidst a dynamic landscape of the NCAAF rosters.

Danny O’Neil’s Change of Heart

O’Neil, a top prospect from Indianapolis Cathedral High School, had been all in with Colorado since March NCAAF schedule. But now, in a typical Colorado football transfers fashion, he’s stepping back, leaving the Buffaloes without his talents. Despite his initial enthusiasm, captured in photos wearing Colorado gear, O’Neil is now exploring other options, with several other schools in the mix.

A Domino Effect of Decisions

O’Neil’s departure follows that of four-star quarterback Antwann Hill Jr. and five-star wide receiver Winston Watkins Jr., who also stepped back from their commitments. This flurry of Colorado football transfers leaves Sanders’ squad without any quarterback recruits for the future, turning up the heat on their recruitment strategy.

The Buffaloes definitely have to find a way to turn the ship around, as they have eight losses in their last NCAAF matchups, six of them in a row.

Sanders’ Strategy Amid Changes

Despite these setbacks, Sanders remains optimistic. He’s eyeing the transfer portal, set to open soon, a critical part of the transfers strategy, and has big plans for Colorado’s return to the Big 12. “We’re just getting started,” Sanders assures, ready to leverage Colorado football transfers to whip up a winning recipe with new talent.

It’s a time of change for the Colorado Buffaloes, but with challenge comes opportunity. Sanders and his team, actively navigating the evolving landscape of football transfers, prove that when one door closes, another opens.

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