Nov 27, 2023, 4:02 pm ET in NFL
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Browns Face Injury Woes: Now It’s Garrett’s Fitness in Doubt

Quarterback Quandary: Already, Tough Times in Mile High City

The Cleveland Browns, already grappling with Dorian Thompson-Robinson injury, faced a tough challenge against the surging Broncos in Denver for Week 12. Despite a resilient performance through three quarters, marked by a close 17-12 scoreline, the Browns’ fortunes plummeted. The impact of Thompson’s NFL injury became evident when their starting quarterback sustained a head ailment, derailing their offensive momentum. This setback led to a 29-12 defeat, snapping their three-game winning streak and extending the Broncos’ victory run to five.

The head injury of Thompson-Robinson raises major concerns. If sidelined, the Browns may have to depend on P.J. Walker, who in 2023 has yet to impress significantly. The Browns’ offense, already teetering, risks further instability without Thompson. Eyes are now keenly set on his recovery, with hopes pinned on a swift return.

More Grim News: This Time, It’s Garrett

However, the quarterback situation isn’t the Browns’ sole worry. Myles Garrett, their star defensive end, also faces injury concerns. Seen with a sling on his left arm post-game, Garrett reported a worrying pop in his shoulder during the NFL matchup. This news casts a dark shadow, comparable to a storm cloud on a bright day. Garrett, pivotal in 69% of the defensive snaps this season, might be looking at time away from the field.

Sack Leader Sidelined?

The potential absence of Garrett strikes a significant blow to the Browns. As the NFL’s sack leader with an impressive 13.0 sacks, he stands as more than just a player; he is an elemental force on the field. Being the highest-graded defensive player in the NFL scores, his absence would leave a gaping hole in the Browns’ defense. Monitoring his participation in upcoming practices becomes crucial.

The Browns, reeling from the Dorian Thompson-Robinson injury and Garrett’s situation, face a tumultuous period. Their team depth and resilience are now under severe test as they navigate these challenging times.

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