Sep 12, 2023, 6:07 pm ET in NFL
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Jets Rodgers Out of the Picture in 5 Minutes of Debut

In a shocker turn, Aaron Rodgers’ debut with the New York Jets in the NFL 2023 season lasted less than five minutes before he was sidelined due to injury. Rodgers, the legendary quarterback, exited the field after just one incomplete pass and four snaps.

The injury occurred in the first quarter of his highly-anticipated Jets debut when he was tackled by Leonard Floyd. Despite the tackle appearing relatively benign, Rodgers signaled for assistance and left the field for medical evaluation. Initially reported as an ankle injury, his return remained uncertain. However, by the second quarter, he was officially ruled out, with X-rays showing no structural damage.

Despite Rodgers’ absence, the Jets managed a thrilling overtime victory against the Bills. Zach Wilson, the young quarterback, stepped up, making crucial plays to secure the win. Xavier Gipson’s electrifying 65-yard punt return touchdown sealed the deal, turning a potentially devastating night into a memorable victory.

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Jets Had Hopes With Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers’ arrival in the New York Jets had raised hopes for the NFL team, with dreams of ending their playoff drought. The trade that brought him to the Jets was one of the offseason’s headline stories, involving a substantial package of draft picks.

Now, the Jets face an uncertain future as initial assessments suggest a possible season-ending Achilles tendon injury for Rodgers. Fans anxiously await further updates, knowing that their high hopes for the NFL season hang in the balance.

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