Dec 14, 2023, 1:40 pm ET in NFL
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Los Angeles Set to Score the 2026 Super Bowl Hosting Gig

Touchdown in LA for Super Bowl 2026

It’s a touchdown for Tinseltown! The NFL 2023 season is gearing up to make a big play this Wednesday. They’re huddling up to vote on the Super Bowl 2026 host, and Los Angeles is the hot ticket.

Los Angeles, a familiar field after hosting 2021’s Super Bowl and a strong contender to host the major event in three years, is expected to catch the pass for the February 2027 game, a league insider revealed.

SoFi Stadium: LA’s Crown Jewel

The star player in LA’s game plan for being the Super Bowl 2026 host is the SoFi Stadium, the home turf for both the Los Angeles Rams and the Chargers. This stadium is no benchwarmer – it’s a top contender in the league.

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Super Bowl Shuffle: A Quick Peek at the Playbook

This season’s Super Bowl is blitzing to the Las Vegas Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium, the only stadium newer than SoFi. But don’t drop the ball just yet! The New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers are already lined up to host the following Super Bowls.

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