Oct 10, 2023, 8:00 am ET in NFL
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Mac Jones Still Holds the QB Throne for the Patriots

Quarterback Conundrum

In the world of pigskin heroes, the New England Patriots have enjoyed quite a ride with Tom Brady steering the ship for two decades. But now, the spotlight is shifting to the new kid on the block, Mac Jones, as fans and pundits wonder if he’s got the chops to fill those legendary cleats. The question on everyone’s mind: Are Mac Jones stats still good enough to consider him as the top dog at quarterback for the Patriots?

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Mac Jones’ Stay of Execution

It’s official – Mac Jones is keeping his quarterback gig for the upcoming NFL Matchup against the Saints. The word on the street is, “No change is brewing.” Sure, there were whispers about second-year QB Bailey Zappe getting a piece of the action after last week’s football fiasco against the Cowboys, but it seems Mac’s still the man in charge.

According to the gridiron grapevine, Mac Jones had a rocky run last week, and it turns out those struggles weren’t just a one-time fumble. Reports suggest that even during practice sessions in New England, they’ve been clocking Jones’ hiccups. Lucky for Mac, the coaching crew is giving him some wiggle room, but if he wants to keep that starting spot, he’ll need to get his game face on and score some touchdowns.

Bill Belichick’s Quarterback Commitment

Even after last Sunday’s gridiron gut-punch, where Jones got benched in the final quarter, head honcho Bill Belichick is keeping the faith. Word from the wise coach himself is that Mac Jones is staying put as the top NFL QB. So, as the Patriots prep for their next matchup against the Raiders, there’s one thing you can count on – Mac Jones is still the man under center.

Now, let’s keep on huddling up and tackling a few more AFC East rumors, where old faces are making comebacks, frustrations are brewing, and QB rooms are keeping their status quo. It’s a football frenzy out there, folks!

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