Nov 10, 2023, 11:29 am ET in NFL
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MNF Showdown: Analyzing the Over/Under Dynamics of Buffalo vs. Denver

In the realm of Monday Night Football, every game spins a new narrative, especially in the betting world. This NFL Week 9 MNF over/under is a particularly intriguing story with the Buffalo and Denver teams clashing, each carrying their unique forms and challenges.

The Defensive Resurgence in Denver

Let’s start with Denver’s defensive journey. Once a topic for humorous memes due to their lackluster performances, the Broncos’ defense has taken a sharp turn. Their recent games, especially the one against Kansas City Chiefs, showcase a formidable defense. Denver has managed to keep their opponents’ NFL scores remarkably low, and their red zone defense stats are nothing short of impressive. This newfound defensive strength is crucial in understanding the MNF over/under trends for this game.

Bills’ Offensive Challenges

On the other side, Buffalo’s offense, once a thunderstorm on the field, seems to have lost some of its spark. Their inability to maintain their usual high-scoring games is evident in their recent performances. Despite being favorites, their struggles in the red zone and consistent turnovers paint a picture of a team grappling to regain its dominant form. This has significant implications for bettors looking at the MNF over/under.

Analyzing the Over/Under Trends

When it comes to over/under betting trends, both teams have shown a tendency for the total score to go under in their recent NFL matchups. This is a vital statistic for anyone looking into MNF over/under betting. It suggests a cautious approach might be wise, considering the defensive strengths and offensive hiccups of both teams.

The Verdict: Betting Under on MNF

Considering all factors – Denver’s defensive upswing and Buffalo’s offensive stagnation – the smart bet for the MNF over/under seems to be under 47 points. The game is likely to be more defense-oriented, with Denver possibly holding Buffalo at bay and facing their own challenges in scoring against Buffalo’s defense.

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