Jul 13, 2023, 6:04 pm ET in NFL
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Saints’ QB Derek Carr: Will He Hold Up?

The New Orleans Saints have made a major splash in the NFL offseason by signing Saints’ QB Derek Carr to a lucrative contract. Despite the hefty price tag, the Saints are optimistic that this move will elevate their performance and lead them to success in the upcoming football season.

The Saints’ 2022 season finale may not have held any significance in the NFL playoff race, but it highlighted the team’s need for a stronger quarterback presence. The lackluster performance against the Carolina Panthers exposed the limitations of Andy Dalton, prompting the Saints to seek an upgrade. However, options were limited due to their previous draft decisions and trades.

Carr’s Unexpected Availability

Fortunately, the Las Vegas Raiders made the decision to part ways with Derek Carr, opening the door for the Saints. New Orleans seized the opportunity and engaged in talks with Carr, initially under the pretense of aiding the Raiders. However, when Carr refused to waive his no-trade clause, the Raiders released him, allowing the Saints to swiftly secure him. The Saints spared no expense, signing Carr to a four-year, $150 million contract.

Investing Heftily in the Playoffs

It’s a costly gamble, since the Saints’ acquisition of Carr came at a steep price, especially considering his latest NFL player statistics and performance in the previous season. Carr’s passer rating dipped, and there are concerns about his decline. Nevertheless, the Saints were willing to take the risk, knowing that their options were limited. The pressure is on Carr to prove his worth and justify the significant investment made by the team.

The Saints’ decision to invest heavily in Carr reflects their aspirations for a brighter future. Despite a disappointing 7-10 record last season, the NFL team boasts a formidable defense and promising offensive weapons. With talents like receiver Chris Olave, running back Alvin Kamara, and the returning Michael Thomas, the Saints believe they are just a quarterback away from reclaiming their place in the playoffs and with this their odds of winning the Super Bowl.

Saints’ History of Second Chances

Throughout their history, the Saints have seen success with quarterbacks who were given a second chance. Drew Brees proved to be a phenomenal acquisition, while Jim Everett provided stability for a couple of seasons.

However, Ken Stabler’s decline hindered his impact, and Jameis Winston’s injury woes prevented him from reaching his full potential. Only time will tell where Saints’ QB Derek Carr falls on this spectrum, as the Saints are committed to discovering his true value.

Best and Worst Scenarios

One burning question for the Saints is whether their defense can maintain its top-10 ranking. Last football season, the defense showcased its prowess, finishing in the top tier in various statistical categories. However, significant departures and the reliance on aging football players, like Cameron Jordan, could impact the unit’s performance. The onus is on the defense to continue its strong showing and support Carr and the offense.

In the best-case scenario, Derek Carr finds his rhythm and performs at an above-average level. If key pieces like Michael Thomas stay healthy, and the pass rush remains potent, the Saints could emerge as a double-digit win team and potential NFC South champions.

Conversely, if Carr fails to meet expectations, it could lead to the Saints resetting their quarterback search sooner than anticipated. Additionally, a decline in defensive performance and a lack of improvement under head coach Dennis Allen could spell further challenges for the team.

Probable Outlook for the Saints

Derek Carr is a solid quarterback who brings stability to the Saints’ offense. Coupled with a strong defense and the easiest schedule in the NFL, the Saints are well-positioned to contend for the NFC South title. While deep playoff success may be elusive, securing a division championship would be a positive outcome for the team.

As the NFL season approaches, all eyes will be on Saints’ QB Derek Carr and the New Orleans Saints. The fans eagerly await the start of the season, hoping that the team’s significant investment in Carr pays off and leads them to a successful campaign.

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