Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks

Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks Highlights

The Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks have always provided fans with thrilling NFL matchups. Rams vs Seahawks have showcased their strengths and weaknesses throughout the NFL season, making this matchup one of the most anticipated games of the year. With the Rams’ offense and the Seahawks’ defense skills, this game promises to be a nail-biter.

Historical Facts

  1. The Rams and Seahawks are both members of the NFC West division, making their matchups even more intense due to divisional implications.
  2. Historically, games between these two teams have been closely contested, with many games being decided by a touchdown or less.
  3. Both teams have had their fair share of playoff appearances, with the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl in 2013 and the Rams in 1999.

Historical Players

Los Angeles Rams

  • Eric Dickerson: One of the greatest running backs in NFL history, Dickerson set the single-season rushing record as a Ram in 1984.
  • Kurt Warner: The quarterback who led the Rams to their first Super Bowl victory in the 1999 season.
  • Deacon Jones: Known for coining the term “sack,” Jones was a dominant defensive end for the Rams in the 1960s.

Seattle Seahawks

  • Steve Largent: A Hall of Fame wide receiver, Largent spent his entire career with the Seahawks and set numerous receiving records.
  • Shaun Alexander: The 2005 NFL MVP, Alexander was a dominant running back for the Seahawks in the 2000s.
  • Richard Sherman: A key member of the “Legion of Boom” defense that led the Seahawks to their Super Bowl win in 2013.

8 Fun Facts

  1. The Rams’ original colors were red and black when they were based in Cleveland.
  2. The name ‘Seahawks’ refers to a Native American symbol of power and aggression.
  3. The Rams and Seahawks have faced each other over 40 times in NFL history.
  4. The “Legion of Boom” defense of the Seahawks and the “Greatest Show on Turf” offense of the Rams are two of the most iconic units in NFL history.
  5. The Rams’ mascot, Rampage, and the Seahawks’ mascot, Blitz, have had playful “feuds” on social media.
  6. Both teams have moved cities in their history – the Rams from Cleveland to LA to St. Louis and back to LA, and the Seahawks were briefly awarded to LA before becoming Seattle’s team.
  7. The Rams’ helmet design, featuring the iconic ram horns, was the first ever to feature a logo.
  8. The Seahawks’ 12th Man tradition, honoring their loud and passionate fan base, is one of the most recognized in sports.

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Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks Odds FAQs

How often do the Rams and Seahawks play each other in a season?
Being in the same division, they play each other twice a season.

Which team has the better head-to-head record historically?
The head-to-head record is closely contested, with both teams having periods of dominance.

What makes the Rams vs Seahawks matchup so significant?
Both teams are part of the NFC West division, making their games crucial for divisional standings. Their games often have playoff implications, and the intense rivalry ensures high-energy, closely contested matches.