NFL Playoff Bracket

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The chronicles in the NFL playoff bracket dictate that only one NFL team in each conference shall receive a first-round bye. This change is a result of the playoff expansion, which has brought forth an additional wild-card game.

Uncovering the Road to the Super Bowl

Gridiron, the realm where gods and mortals alike gather to witness the spectacle of might and skill. In this realm, lies the fabled NFL Playoff Schedule—a mystical pathway that leads to the ultimate battlefield, which is the Super Bowl. Here is where the most valiant warriors of the land vie for supremacy and glory.

From the farthest corners of the realm, the Gods themselves meticulously select 14 football teams, granting them the golden opportunity to embark on this treacherous journey. As the battle begins, the highest-ranked NFL teams receive the divine blessing of the Gods. This blessing comes in the form of a first-round bye, allowing them ample time to prepare for the skirmishes that lie ahead.

The Wild Card round marks the first stage of this legendary quest, as 12 valiant teams enter the fray. As the dust settles from the warriors’ mettle, surviving teams advance to the NFL Divisional round, where new challenges await.

After a fierce display of determination, the NFL Conference Championships serve as the penultimate phase of this monumental journey, showcasing the resilient and invincible warriors who remain. As the gates of destiny creak open, these formidable contestants prepare to face their greatest challenge yet: The Super Bowl.

NFL Playoffs: A Battle of Champions

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NFL Playoffs Recap & Highlights By Season

As you embark on your own journey to wager on the skirmishes yet to come, pause to contemplate the mighty battles and patterns that have unfolded before. Let the teachings of these encounters illuminate your path, guiding you through the treacherous terrain of the NFL playoff Schedule.

In the grand annals of lore, tales of the 2022-2023 NFL Playoffs shall echo through eternity, with legendary and awe-inspiring feats. In this saga, the great kingdom of Kansas City Chiefs and the proud warriors of Philadelphia Eagles clashed in the ultimate contest of Super Bowl LVII.

Gather wisdom from the tales of the valiant Patrick Mahomes, crowned both the NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP, as he led his Kansas City Chiefs to victory and the throne of Super Bowl Champions for the year 2023. Armed with this knowledge, you will be better equipped to traverse the playoffs, make informed decisions, and achieve the spoils of betting victory.


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NFL Playoff FAQs

A total of 14 teams take part in the NFL playoff schedule– seven from the AFC and seven from the NFC.

The NFL playoff bracket kicks off with the Wild Card round, which usually takes place in early January.

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In the NFL playoff bracket, teams are seeded based on their regular-season records, with the top seed in each conference earning a first-round bye.

When betting on the NFL playoff bracket, consider factors such as team performance, injury updates, and historical trends. And, of course, rely on GODDS for exceptional sports betting advice and insights.