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Godds is always happy to tip Sports Enthusiasts in the right direction. Whether you are a new or experienced Sports Fan, you will definitely find our guide to how to make better Sports Predictions extremely useful.

Understanding Predictions and Juice.

The Predictions are the most important part of sports, and everything revolves around them. In any game, you are always going to predict an outcome.

And just as the word itself suggests, the prediction indicate how likely that outcome is. Short predictions indicate that your selection is more likely to be successful, while long ones mean the opposite. In other words, the longer the prediction, the higher the risk. Of course, long also mean better payouts, so it all comes down to weighing the positives and negatives – but we will go into further detail later on.

How are you supposed to read the probabilities?

It usually exist three formats: American, fractional and decimal.

Playing with bonuses.

Sports Operators usually offer a bonus for new players. When you sign up for a new account, the operator will throw in a bonus on top of your deposit.

Let’s use a 100% match bonus as an example, with a maximum of $100. After completing your first deposit, the Sports Operator will match it and offer the same amount in bonus, up to $100. A $50 deposit will give you $100 in total – your initial $50 deposit plus an extra $50 in bonus money. A $200 deposit will give you a $300 bankroll – the initial $200 plus $100 in bonus, which is the limit.

Favorites vs Underdogs

Weighing Risk vs Rewards

As you can see, sports probabilities is all about weighing risk versus reward. That’s also the case for the eternal debate between favorites and the underdogs.

A good underdog story

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? As long as your team isn’t on the losing side, that is. The Baltimore Colts were 18-point favorites to win Super Bowl III, but the New York Jets lifted the trophy with a 16-7 score. In 2015-16, Leicester City was given 5,000 to 1 probabilities to win the Premier League, in what many consider the greatest underdog story ever.

Payouts are also massive

Of course, underdogs are given that name for a reason. For every feel-good underdog success story, there are more than a few failures. Picking on them is risky, but the payouts are also massive.

Predicting the favorites is safer, but missing out on multiple plays in turn could lead to bigger losses in the long run.

Once again, it’s all about calculating risk and reward. While betting on the favorites is usually less risky, swinging for the home run on an underdog can be worth it every now and then – as long as it has an actual chance of succeeding, naturally.