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Introduction to Diverse Sports Betting

While the NFL, NBA, and major college sports typically take center stage in the betting world, there’s a vast array of other sports that offer thrilling betting opportunities. These sports may not always be the main feature on sports shows, but they present unique and enjoyable experiences for bettors. From international tennis tournaments to the dynamic world of eSports, a diverse range of sports awaits your betting exploration.

How to Bet On Various Sports:


In tennis, you can place futures bets on tournament winners or bet on individual matches. Spreads are present too; for example, if Rafael Nadal is -1.5 against Andy Roddick, Nadal needs to win by two games. Betting on the total number of games played in a match is another option.


Golfers compete in tournaments almost weekly. You can bet on a golfer to win the tournament outright, place live bets during the tournament, or wager on one golfer to outperform another. Betting on the highest-finishing player of a certain nationality is also a common choice.

Horse Racing:

While some only focus on major races like the Kentucky Derby, horse racing offers year-round betting opportunities. Big races are available at many sportsbooks, but for smaller events, you might need to visit a race book.


Esports, a newer addition to the betting world, is gaining traction, especially online. While not widely televised, it’s growing in popularity, offering unique betting opportunities on various online gaming competitions.

Olympic Games:

The Olympics, held every two years, allow bets on individual events, total medals, and most gold medals won by a country. It’s a global event that attracts a wide range of betting interests.


Cycling betting is often centered around major events like the Tour De France. While it may see a dip in popularity post-major events, it still offers unique betting opportunities.

Considerations Before Betting on Sports:

When venturing into betting on these sports, remember that they might not receive the same level of media coverage as more mainstream sports. This lack of information can make it challenging to place informed bets. Always research thoroughly before placing bets, especially in less familiar sports like the Olympics, where trends can be misleading.

Don’t Bet Blindly:

It’s crucial not to bet on sports or events you’re unfamiliar with. While the Olympics or other less mainstream sports can be exciting, betting without adequate knowledge or research can lead to uninformed and risky wagers.


Betting on a variety of sports can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, offering diversity and excitement beyond the mainstream sports betting markets. The precision of tennis, the endurance of cycling, or the digital battles in eSports, our platform provides comprehensive guides and tips to help you make informed betting decisions. Dive into the world of ‘More Sports’ betting and discover a new realm of sports wagering opportunities.

Betting on sports FAQs

What types of bets can I place on sports like CFL, Tennis, or Golf?

For Tennis and Golf, besides outright winners, you can bet on match-ups, tournament futures, and specific game or hole performances.

Is betting on eSports similar to traditional sports betting?

Yes, betting on eSports involves similar principles to traditional sports betting, such as choosing outright winners, understanding odds, and considering team or player form. However, it’s essential to understand the specific game dynamics and player/team rankings in eSports.

How do I bet on the Olympic Games?

Betting on the Olympic Games includes wagering on individual event outcomes, predicting overall medal counts, and betting on country-specific performances. It’s important to research athletes’ and teams’ past performances and current form.

Can I place live bets during a Golf or Tennis match?

Yes, many sportsbooks offer live betting options for Golf and Tennis. You can place bets as the action unfolds, which requires a good understanding of the game’s dynamics and the ability to make quick decisions.

What should I consider when betting on less popular sports like Cycling or Horse Racing?

When betting on sports like Cycling or Horse Racing, consider factors such as individual athlete or horse performance history, track conditions, and recent form. It’s also beneficial to follow niche experts and stay updated with the latest news and statistics in these sports.