Introduction to Motorsports Betting

Motorsports Betting on races has a history as rich and thrilling as the sport itself, tracing back to ancient chariot races in the Roman Coliseum. Today, this tradition continues with high-octane excitement in some of the world’s most prestigious racing leagues. On our site, you’ll find schedules, betting odds, and analysis for major motorsport events including NASCAR, Formula 1, World Rally, and IndyCar.

Top Racing Leagues:

How to Bet on Different Types of Motorsports?

NASCAR & Formula 1:

NASCAR and Formula 1 stand as the titans of the racing world. NASCAR Odds enjoys immense popularity in the United States, while Formula 1 has a more global appeal, akin to the difference between American Football and soccer.

Picking a Driver:

The simplest form of betting in motorsports is selecting a driver to win a race outright. Given the large field of competitors, even favorites can have odds starting around +300, allowing the opportunity to bet on multiple drivers and still profit if one wins. For a less risky approach, you can bet on a driver to finish in the top three, five, or ten positions, with some books offering top 20 finishes in NASCAR.

Matchups Bet:

Another popular option is the matchups bet, where you wager on one driver to outperform another. Additionally, betting on the winning car’s make or manufacturer is common in both F1 Odds and NASCAR. Futures bets, focusing on the outcomes over a season rather than a single race, are also widely favored.


Motorsports betting differs from sports like football and basketball as it doesn’t involve spreads. New bettors, especially those transitioning from being just fans, might find this confusing. It’s important to research before placing bets, considering a driver’s history and performance on specific tracks or track styles.

Motorsports Betting FAQs

What Are Motorsports?

Motorsports encompass any competitive sport involving the racing of motor vehicles.

Can I Bet On Motorsports?

Yes, if sports gambling is legal in your region.

What Types of Motorsports Can I Bet On?

Popular choices include NASCAR, predominantly in the United States, and Formula 1, which has a growing fanbase in the U.S. but is more popular globally.

What Are Examples of Motorsports Bets?

The most straightforward bet is picking one or several drivers to win. Other options include betting on the winning manufacturer in NASCAR and team bets in F1, like Mercedes or Red Bull.

What’s a Matchup Bet in Motorsports?

A matchup bet involves selecting one driver to finish ahead of another, offering odds that are usually closer to -110, sometimes with slight variations favoring one driver.