NFL Week 1

The 2023 NFL season is kicking off with a bang, and Week 1 promises to be an exhilarating start to what’s sure to be a thrilling campaign. With a slate of matchups that includes reigning champions, rising stars, and classic rivalries, fans and bettors alike are in for a treat. The odds for Week 1 provide insights into how the teams are expected to perform, and they offer opportunities for those looking to place wagers on the games. From point spreads to moneylines and over/unders, the sports betting landscape is rich with possibilities. This information will provide you with all the information you need for NFL Week 1 odds.

Preview of This Week

The first week of the NFL season is always filled with anticipation and excitement, and many are keen to hear the latest NFL Week 1 predictions. Fans are eager to see how their favorite teams and players will perform after a long offseason. New signings, rookies, and coaching changes add to the intrigue, making every game a must-watch event. The odds for these matchups provide a glimpse into what experts believe will unfold on the field. Whether you’re looking to place a bet or simply enjoy the games, understanding the odds can enhance your experience.

NFL Week 1 Odds Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football is a beloved tradition that kicks off the NFL week 1 schedule with a prime-time showdown. In Week 1, the spotlight will be on two teams eager to make a statement. The energy, the lights, and the national audience create a unique atmosphere that players and fans relish. The odds for this game offer insights into how the teams match up, and they provide opportunities for bettors to engage with the action. Whether you’re watching from the stadium or your living room, Thursday Night Football promises to be a thrilling start to the week.


NFL Week 1 Odds Sunday Football

Sunday is the heart of the NFL week, with a full slate of games that captivate fans from morning till night. Week 1’s Sunday matchups feature a mix of established powerhouses and up-and-coming NFL teams, all vying for a strong start to the season. The odds for these games reflect the strengths and weaknesses of each team, providing a roadmap for those looking to place bets. From divisional rivalries to cross-conference clashes, Sunday Football in Week 1 is packed with action, drama, and opportunities for fans and bettors alike.


NFL Week 1 Odds Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football closes out the week with a marquee NFL matchup that keeps fans glued to their screens. In Week 1, the stage is set for a clash that could set the tone for the rest of the season. The odds for this game provide a snapshot of how the teams are perceived, offering clues to their potential performance. For bettors, the Monday Night game is a final chance to capitalize on the week’s action. With the spotlight on, the players will be looking to shine, making Monday Night Football a can’t-miss event.


The 2023 NFL Week 1 odds offer a thrilling start to the season, with matchups that promise excitement, drama, and opportunities for fans and bettors. Understanding the odds and how to interpret them can enhance your experience, whether you’re watching for fun or placing wagers. From Thursday Night Football to the closing game on Monday, the action is non-stop. Stay informed, engage with the games, and enjoy the ride as the NFL 2023 season kicks off with a bang.

NFL Week 1 Odds FAQs

What are the key matchups to watch in Week 1?
The key matchups in Week 1 include the Lions at Chiefs, where the defending Super Bowl champions will be tested, and the Bills at Jets, where the Jets will debut Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. Other exciting games include the Cowboys at Giants and the Buccaneers at Vikings.

Where can I watch the games?
Most of the games will be broadcasted on FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN/ABC. Check your local listings for the exact channels in your area. Many games are also available on the FOX Sports App.

How are the point spreads determined?
Point spreads are set by oddsmakers and represent the expected margin of victory for the favored team. They are used to create a balanced betting market where the risk is equal for betting on the favorite or the underdog. Factors like team performance, injuries, and home-field advantage are considered when setting the spread.

What does the Moneyline mean?
The Moneyline is a bet on which team will win the game outright, regardless of the point spread. A negative Moneyline (e.g., -162) represents how much you must bet to win $100, while a positive Moneyline (e.g., +136) represents how much you would win on a $100 bet.

What is the Total Scoring Over/Under?
The Total Scoring Over/Under is a bet on the combined number of points scored by both teams in a game. If you bet the “over,” you are wagering that the total points will exceed the number set by the oddsmakers. If you bet the “under,” you are wagering that the total points will be less than that number.