Nov 13, 2023, 1:54 pm ET in NCAAF
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Brady Hoke Hangs Up His Whistle: A Look at the San Diego State Coach’s Journey

The Final Countdown

Brady Hoke, San Diego State head coach, is ready to take a bow and exit stage left after the 2023 NCAAF season. Hoke’s coaching journey at San Diego State has been a roller coaster, with two separate gigs. His latest stint started in 2020, following an earlier chapter from 2009-10. Before his return, Michigan had called, and he answered.

A Coach’s Reflection

Hoke, looking back, is proud as a peacock about his time with the Aztecs. “It’s been a wild ride,” he says, tipping his hat to the fantastic student-athletes he’s coached. They’ve grown under his wing, not just as players but as people too. Hoke treasures these memories and sends a big shout-out to his team.

Ups and Downs on the Field

In 2020, Hoke’s return to the Aztecs was amid the COVID-19 chaos, where he led a decent 4-4 season. But 2021 was when the fireworks really happened – a smashing 12-2 record, clinching the West division title, and a victory in the Frisco College Bowl. Post-2021, things started to cool down, with the team hitting a few bumps in the road in the following seasons.

A Tip of the Hat from the Top

San Diego State’s athletic director, John David Wicker, is full of praise for Hoke. “He’s been a game-changer,” Wicker says, highlighting Hoke’s impact beyond the scoreboard. From creating a winning culture to navigating the team through COVID and beyond, Hoke has been more than just a coach. As Hoke gears up for a well-deserved retirement, Wicker sends him off with a hearty cheer.

Throughout his 17-year coaching career, including stops at Ball State, Michigan, and a brief spell at Tennessee, Hoke has left a mark. His high point at Michigan, with an 11-2 record and a Sugar Bowl win, shines bright. Though the journey had its twists and turns, Hoke bows out with a record to be proud of and memories to last a lifetime.

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