Sep 20, 2023, 6:45 pm ET in FIFA World Cup
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Spain’s Women’s World Cup Winners End Boycott

Breaking the Boycott

Most of Spain Women’s World Cup-winning players have decided to end their boycott of the national team. This decision comes after government intervention aimed at shaping an agreement that promises significant changes within the country’s soccer federation.

However, two players, Patri Guijarro and Mapi León, both from Barcelona, chose to leave the training camp in Valencia. Their departure was secured with government guarantees of no sanctions. In contrast, the majority of players stayed, encouraged by promises of reforms addressing their concerns.

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Spain Women’s World Cup: Push for Change in Gender Equality

While specific details of the agreement remain undisclosed, it’s clear that steps are being taken to align the treatment of Spain’s women’s and men’s national World Cup teams. This includes professionalizing the team and its administrative staff to match the men’s team.

Spanish sports officials and players’ union representatives have formed a committee to promote gender equality, equal pay, and structural improvements in women’s soccer. The future of the federation’s leadership, including interim president Pedro Rocha, remains uncertain.

With these positive developments, the players hope for a more professional and inclusive environment within the national team, ensuring that they can play and win with motivation and comfort. The federation plans early elections in 2024, aiming for a fresh start.

Coincidental Bid To Host Men’s World Cup

This breakthrough coincides with Spain’s bid to host the Men’s World Cup in 2030, with Spanish politicians, soccer clubs, and fans supporting the players in their pursuit of equality and positive change in Spanish soccer.

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