Sep 5, 2023, 4:48 pm ET in NBA
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Clippers’ Coach Optimistic About Kawhi Leonard and Paul George’s Health

Amid the Kawhi Leonard injury update, Clippers’ head coach Tyronn Lue recently delivered some promising news for fans; he revealed that, after grappling with injuries for a significant part of the last NBA season, star players Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are expected to be in tip-top health as the upcoming training camp kicks off.

Lue acknowledged the challenges the NBA team has faced due to injuries. Despite high hopes when Leonard and George joined the Clippers during the 2019 offseason, their quest for a championship has been hampered by unfortunate injury setbacks.

The Injured

Kawhi Leonard, recovering from an ACL injury, was limited to just 52 games last season. His playoff journey was cut short when he tore his meniscus during a first-round series.

On the other hand, Paul George, dealing with a sprained right knee, missed the playoffs entirely, leaving the Clippers without their star duo.

A Different Approach

In light of the Kawhi Leonard injury update, Coach Lue hinted at a shift in strategy. He expressed his intention to reduce load management for Leonard and George in the upcoming NBA 2024 season. The focus now is on respecting the regular season, delivering what the fans crave and consistently putting the team’s best performance on display.

“We have to… start respecting the regular season and giving our fans what they want to see and playing hard every single night, putting our best product on the floor,” Lue emphasized.

With the positive Kawhi Leonard injury update, the Clippers aim to overcome their injury woes. The outlook for the team appears optimistic. With Leonard and George potentially at full strength, fans can anticipate an exciting and competitive season ahead. Coach Lue’s commitment to a stronger regular season performance adds excitement, as the Clippers aim to make their mark in the league.

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