Nov 10, 2023, 1:31 pm ET in NCAAF
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Virginia’s Perry Jones Recovers Movement After Intense Game Clash

Virginia’s star running back Perry Jones faced a daunting moment in his NCAAF matchup against No. 11 Louisville. After a helmet-to-helmet hit, Jones was down, but not out. Late Thursday night, the Cavaliers announced a Perry Jones injury update: Jones regained movement in his extremities, turning a scare into a sigh of relief.

The Hit That Hushed the Crowd

The third quarter of the game took a tense turn when Jones, after catching a pass, collided head-on with Louisville’s Cam’Ron Kelly. The impact was intense, causing Jones’ head to snap back. The stadium fell silent as Jones lay on the ground for several minutes until he was placed on a stretcher and carried off the field, while his concerned teammates gathered around him to make sure everything was in order following his recent NCAAF injury.

Unexpected Twist Leads to Touchdown

In a strange twist of fate, the play led to a go-ahead touchdown for the Cavaliers. Malik Washington scooped up Jones’ fumble post-collision and dashed to the end zone. This play was a crucial part of the Cavaliers flipping a 14-0 deficit into a 21-14 lead, showcasing their never-say-die attitude.

Louisville’s Comeback

Despite Virginia’s valiant effort, Louisville clawed back in the fourth quarter, snagging a 31-24 victory. This win keeps their College Football Playoff dreams alive. Sitting pretty at 9-1, the Cardinals are eyeing the ACC championship game, with Florida State in their sights. Meanwhile, the Virginia team and fans breathe easier knowing Jones is on the mend.

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